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Korean Mentality: When Ambition Becomes Poison

Fahmi Ramadhan Aji Nugroho

Korean Mentality: When Ambition Becomes Poison

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Korean Mentality: When Ambition Becomes Poison
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LitHukers, ever heard of the term “Korean mentality”? Well, this is a unique phenomenon that we often see around us. It’s not about looking like oppa-oppa or eonni-eonni, but about the mindset of people who have burning ambitions like Dyrroth’s ultimatenya.

The spirit of 45? Pass!

Just think, LitHukers, people with this Korean mentality can work without knowing time. Overtime? Brush! A mountain of tasks? Gas pol! Deadline is tight? Relaxed, you can still have a nice coffee. For them, time off is just an illusion, the important thing is to achieve their ambitions.

Don’t be surprised if school children get the same virus. Coming home late in the afternoon because of extracurricular activities and tutoring has become a daily diet. Not to mention the piles of assignments, duh! Let alone laying down, skincare is sometimes just wishful thinking.

The Obsession to Be Number One

The Korean mentality is also characterized by an ambition to be the best. It’s not enough to be okay, you have to be a superstar! Perfect grades, top rankings, prestigious positions – that’s the ultimate goal. Competition is like daily food, not participating can make you dizzy.

I’m so obsessed, I sometimes forget that life isn’t just about achievement. Being lazy is said to be lazy, not participating in the Olympics is heavily criticized. In fact, LitHukers, mental health is also important!

The Irony Behind Ambition

You know, LitHukers, behind that burning ambition sometimes there is a dark side too. South Korea, a country synonymous with mentality, has a high suicide rate. The pressure to succeed, from both the environment and oneself, can bring people to the brink of despair.


In fact, success is not only measured by material or achievement. Having good social relationships, a healthy spirit, and enough rest are also important parts of a balanced life.

Find Balance, Gan!

Well, for LitHukers who have this Korean mentality, there’s nothing wrong with having ambition. But remember, it must be balanced with physical and mental health too. Work hard, but don’t forget to rest and enjoy life. Remember, life is not a race, but a journey that can be enjoyed every step of the way.

The point is, LitHukers, you don’t have to be too ambitious to deify ambition. Life is only once, enjoy it with balance. You don’t have to be like the characters in drakor whose lives are tragic. Remember, being happy is all that matters!

Sane greetings from LitHuk!


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